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“To buy is to compromise”, an undeniable truth

To actually get to making a deal and selling a property we often have to conquer many difficulties. Bureaucratic obstacles, language barriers, practical challenges, we can tell lots of stories about all of them. In reality however the most important one seems to be overlooked by both buyers and sellers. Very often deals are not happening because buyers are simply not willing to compromise in any way. And...

real estate: modernise old homes and invest in the right way

Great opportunities in a buyers market

As Italy is struggling to get the economy going and hopes are not at a high the real estate market is fighting its own battle. Last year there were more requests and sales in the range up to € 500.000. But the expectation that this year the category up to €800.00 might pick up has not come true. Potential buyers have given us come clues as to why not, as well as international property portals....

Safety of investing in real estate in Umbria, italy in the exponential age

Real estate enters the Exponential Age

All of a sudden and seemingly out of the blue it is here. A new era, the Exponential Age, the 4th industrial revolution. Business models are changing overnight, billions of devices are connected to the internet, a new generation of professionals is ready to take on life with an approach we have never seen or actually heard of before. Let alone in the field of real estate. Digitalisation is changing our...

Property market in Umbria Italy, up-date

Market up-date, what is going on out there?

When the real estate bubble burst in 2011 Umbria's market to a huge blow, as happened in many other places. For a long time afterwards it seemed nothing was happening, moving or going anywhere at all. Until the beginning of this year when all of a sudden the market picked up and it turned out to not be a bad year at all. The category of properties prices between the 300.000 and 600.000 gained much...

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