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“To buy is to compromise”, an undeniable truth

To actually get to making a deal and selling a property we often have to conquer many...
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A resting point, a second home in Umbria!

By now it is already 10 years ago that Hester and her husband Ron decided to give Umbria a...
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Buying property in Umbria

Tuscany admits real estate is overrated!

When talking about real estate in Italy the first province every foreigner will name is of...
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real estate: modernise old homes and invest in the right way

Great opportunities in a buyers market

As Italy is struggling to get the economy going and hopes are not at a high the real estate...
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Safety of investing in real estate in Umbria, italy in the exponential age

Real estate enters the Exponential Age

All of a sudden and seemingly out of the blue it is here. A new era, the Exponential Age, the...
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Property market in Umbria Italy, up-date

Market up-date, what is going on out there?

When the real estate bubble burst in 2011 Umbria's market to a huge blow, as happened in many...
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Buying in Umbria, how to choose and protect your property.

Earthquakes and how to deal with them

After the earthquakes that hit Central Italy in August and October is seemed the damage was...
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our trusted notaries for buying property in Umbria

5 Things to consider with regard to notaries

When you have found the property you have been looking for it is time to get the notary...
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What are your expectations like?

Sometimes our sellers are somewhat disheartened by the lack of success in selling their...
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