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“To buy is to compromise”, an undeniable truth

To actually get to making a deal and selling a property we often have to conquer many difficulties. Bureaucratic obstacles, language barriers, practical challenges, we can tell lots of stories about all of them. In reality however the most important one seems to be overlooked by both buyers and sellers. Very often deals are not happening because buyers are simply not willing to compromise in any way. And...

A resting point, a second home in Umbria!

By now it is already 10 years ago that Hester and her husband Ron decided to give Umbria a try. They now enjoy their stunning home up in the hills near Todi. An oasis of peace and tranquility but at the same time a delightful home to enjoy with friends and family. This is their story. With both of them having a career in full bloom life was pretty hectic and involved lots of travelling. Days would rush by...

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