Verdandi, what’s in a name?

Looking for a name

When I started this real estate agency, the first time all on my own, I obviously had to give it a name. I toyed around with many ideas, always trying to find a word that would cover me and all my thoughts at the same time. To start with I’m Dutch, I grew up in the north and have the distinct Viking look, tall and blond and at times fiery eyes. Secondly my work work is my passion, all my clients,  buyers as well as sellers, have to be satisfied with the result and guided and at ease during the operation. I always keep in mind we’re not just doing some kind of real estate or financial transaction but that there are actual lives involved. The sellers let go of their beloved home and can freely move on in life, whereas the buyers are just starting their new dream and episode of life. In that sense the selling and buying can actually influence their future and I am  (partly) responsible for the outcome! A big responsibility that I take very seriously.

I then came across Verdandi, in Norse mythology one of the Norns, female beings who create and control fate. There are three of these Norns and they spend most of their time spinning the threads of life, to decide the fate of all living beings. Choosing this name for me put emphasis on the human part of the transaction, that needs to be handled with care and confidence, skill and attention. Aside from the above Verðandi is literally the present participle of the Old Norse verb “verða“, “to become”, and is commonly translated as “in the making” or “that which is happening/becoming”, great for a new business which aims at continuous development! And so this agency got its name, and the best part might even be that it’s easy to pronounce also for Italians….

I thank all my clients for putting their trust in me and their fate for a tiny part in my hands, you can be assured my team and I will do everything we can to make your dream come true.



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