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About Stefano Trippolini

Hello everyone, let me introduce myself; I’m Stefano and I’ll tell you a little about my personal and working life.

I am an Umbro doc and have have lived my life pursuing my two greatest passions to which I dedicate a lot of time: basketball and the outdoors. The desire and the freedom to live in nature started very early when my parents bought a farmhouse in the countryside to be restored.  I immediately began to savor the pleasure, the tranquility, the silence of nature. And though I was only 12 during the renovation I wanted to know all I could about this wonderful type of home we were going to live in. My hands on character came out as I even picked up cement and masonry tools trying to help the workers!

Basketball started a little later at the age of 17,  but I had  the good fortune to practice until the age of 46. I played the sport at a semi-professional level and it was therefore a very important commitment. I was away 5 times a week but it gave me great satisfaction for about 30 years.

I graduated as an accountant which given my nature was maybe not entirely the right choice. Being a curious free spirit  I like to be in charge of my time and be around people as well as out and about. I changed my job and became  a salesperson a choice I still enjoy today.  I started selling items for food shops, then I had sales experiences in the packaging and shoes business before moving on to the wine, champagne.  From 1990 to 2000  I worked with Philip Morris in the food sector.

After that  I changed direction again and became realtor, discovering an old and new passion.  I’ve always remained very interested in property and from then on combined it with my well developed sales skills. My motto is that anyone can sell, but people make the difference. My honesty, untamed enthusiasm, knowledge and reliability are the basis for the bridges I built between people as well as their properties.

For me the recipe for  life is that you must always follow your dreams because only that way you can make them happen. I work with this ground rule in mind every day, trying  very hard to find that one special property where you as my client can make your own dreams and desires come true. I’m here and ready, happy to be of assistance any time.


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